Chicana and Chicano Studies
Calendar of Action and Culture
Fall 2016

Mixtec Culture and the Familia Unida Project: Oct 20, 2016

Daisy Alonso and Julieta GonzalezFamilia Indígena Unida
Thursday, Oct 20, 12:45 pm
Room MS 462
San Diego City College

Mixtec Culture and the Familia Unida Project 

Daisy Alonso and Julieta Gonzalez will introduce students to the Mixtec culture and history in Oaxaca and in San Diego and present one of the most important experiences of a migrant Mexican Indigenous community. The Mixtecs have preserved and re-created cultural and social links between their people at home and their people in the US, in spite of cultural and national borders. 

Daisy Alonso

She is an Indigenous woman from the Mixteca Baja, one of 8 regions in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is from the town called Santa Rosa Caxtlahuaca; in Mixteco is called Ñuú Shoo “pueblo de a lado” “pueblo apartado”. As a child she experience Oaxaca in Vista, California. The sense of community provided her a strong cultural formation of her identity, since cultural practices, language, and community organizing was embedded in her daily life. She became conscious of her value of her indigenous roots at the university as an undergrad that lead her to be involved and organize work around Indigenous cultural preservation and rights in the United States. She attended Cal State San Marcos and study Sociology with a concentration in Critical Race Studies. 

Julieta González

She considers herself a Mixteca woman. She is from a small town called Santa Maria Natividad, Oaxaca, Mexico. At age ten, she migrated to the United States in the community of Linda Vista. She has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in International Business with Finance specialization with Latin America Studies emphasis. She is one of the co-founder of Familia Indigena Unida (FIU) and program director of the Mixtec Cultural Exchange program since 2006. She is currently the coordinator for the Mixtec kids program in Familia Indígena Unida. She has successfully empowered Mixtec kids and youths by encouraging them to be proud of their cultural identity and conserve their native language and culture in addition providing homework assistance.

The Search for Justice and Against Impunity in Mexico- Oct 3, 6, 2016

The Search for Justice and Against Impunity
Speaking Tour from Mexico

San Diego City College
Room MS 462

Monday, October 3, 9:35-11 am 
Thursday, Oct 6, 11:10-12:35 pm 

Eduardo García Maganda- Student from the college for rural teachers of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. Former president of Ayotzinapa Student Association, and survivor of the police and army attack against students in Iguala, Guerrero, on Sep 26, 2014. 

Alejandro Ramos- Human Rights Center Morelos from Guerrero, Mexico Alejandro will speak about the repression of activists, especially Indigenous who fight for their communities 

Gerardo Espinosa- Human Rights Center Fray Matías from Tapachula, Chiapas Gerardo will speak about the attack against the immigrants from Central America when they cross Mexico trying to go the USA., especially unaccompanied children. 

Sponsored by Unión del Barrio and the Caravana Against the Repression in Mexico 

Unión del Barrio

Caravana against Repressionin Mexico

77 Minutes-- Sep 23, 2016

77 Minutes

On July 18, 1984, a coward walked into a restaurant in San Ysidro, CA
and committed one of the worst mass shootings in history.

Sep 22-23, 6-8 pm
The Front San Ysidro Community Center
147 West San Ysidro Blvd.
San Ysidro, CA 92173

Sep 23-Sep 29, 2016
UltraStar Mission Valley Hazard Center
7510 Hazard Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92108

On July 18, 1984 a deranged gunman walked into a McDonalds in San Ysidro, CA and fired away indiscriminately for 77 Minutes. Forty people were shot, which included babies, children and pregnant women. Filmmaker Charlie Minn deeply examines the tragedy with riveting interviews with victims and police. Never seen video along with little-known information are shared so people can come to terms and have a full understanding with one of San Diego's most unforgettable moments. 

Conferencia Educación Pública: Aug 27, 2016

Tijuana Centro
Saturday, Aug 27, 3 pm

Hostal Pangea, Calle Primera entre Av. Revolución y Av. Madero,
Tijuana, Zona Centro, frente al Museo de Cera

Por Ayotzinapa: 26 de Agosto, 2016

26 de Agosto: Ayotzi no se Olvida 

Consulado de México en San Diego 
Viernes 26 Agosto, 6:30 am 
1549 India St, San Diego, CA 92101
(En Little Itlay, a cinco cuadras del Trolley American Plaza station) 

Exhibición del Documental 
Mirar Morir 
Viernes 26 Agosto, 7:30 pm 
Chicano Park

1949 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

Película documental sobre el papel del ejército mexicano en las desapariciones forzadas en Iguala, Guerrero. 

Por: Ojos de Perro vs. la Impunidad, AC 

En la noche del 26 al 27 de septiembre de 2014, un grupo de estudiantes de la Escuela Normal de Ayotzinapa fue perseguido, balaceado y dispersado en diversos escenarios de la ciudad de Iguala, Guerrero, y los alrededores. Seis personas murieron, una quedó en estado vegetativo y 43 están desaparecidas. Los atacantes fueron miembros de la policía local, que actuaron bajo la vigilancia directa de agentes de corporaciones estatales y federales, y del Ejército mexicano. La investigación, marcada por profundas deficiencias, ha estado dirigida a encubrir cualquier participación de niveles superiores al municipal. Especialmente, se ha querido proteger a los militares, a pesar de que existen numerosos indicios de que varias de sus unidades –en particular el 27º Batallón de Infantería- están involucradas en actos de represión política y en la desaparición de ciudadanos, así como con estructuras de protección al crimen organizado. 

Chicana and Chicano Studies
Calendar of Action and Culture
Spring 2016

City College 2016 Chicano Latina Graduation: Pictures

Hola Graduates 2016! 

Congratulations for your graduation!
Thank you for your participation in the City College 2016 Chicano Latina Graduation. 
More than 70 graduates participated. 

Check the pictures we posted publically: 
Our graduation blog page is: 

Most pictures were taken by Elizabeth Traughber,
City College student and photographer. Gracias!


City College Chicano Latina Graduation Organizing Committee 

The Chicana Movement, Past, Present, and Future

The Chicana Movement, Past, Present, and Future
JUNE 3 - JULY 31, 2016

From roots of self-discovery, strong branches blossomed with Chicana literature, art, and activism. San Diego’s Latina women drew on the strength of ancestors and their own experiences to gain recognition for their contributions, accomplishments, and leadership potential. They struggled, organized, innovated, educated and inspired others in the community to set goals and achieve them. Meet the California women who turned aspiration into a movement. And explore the Chicana Movement of today’s generation in art, literature and activism.

Women's Museum of California 
2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16 
San Diego, CA 92106 
Phone: (619) 233-7963 

Chicano Struggle in San Diego- Jan to May 20, 2016

Unidos por la Causa 
The Chicana and Chicano Experience in San Diego 
Art Exhibit at the LRC / City College Library 

The exhibit displays photographs, art, and historic documents illustrating the early years of the Chicano movement for social justice and civil rights in San Diego. The exhibit includes a rich and vivid presentation of a selection of 62 movement related posters and broadsides produced in the 1960s and 1970s promoting anti-war marches, UFW protests, student conferences and many other cultural and political events, demonstrating the movement's struggle for equal education and its resistance to injustice. 

Unidos Por la Causa is a guide to some of the most seminal events in San Diego's Chicana/o history, including those which helped to shape the community during the 1960's and 1970's. The exhibit draws upon materials held in Special Collections and University Archives. These collections, many of which have only recently been acquired, include the Arturo Casares Papers, the Enriqueta Chavez Papers, the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department Records, the Chicano Federation of San Diego County Records, the Leonard Fierro Papers, the Maria Garcia Papers, MANA of San Diego County Records, the Rene Nuñez Papers, and others. 

Library hours and location:

Black & Brown Families Unite Demanding Border Patrol & Police Accountability: May 21

End Police and Migra Brutality 
May 21, 3 pm 
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church At Barrio Logan 
1770 Kearney Ave 
San Diego, CA 92113 
Followed by a march to Chicano Park 

SD City College Chicano Latina Graduation 2016

46th Annual
Chicano Latina
Graduation Celebration

All graduating students are
invited and welcome!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ceremony: 12-3 pm
Saville Theatre, City College

Reception: 4-6 pm
Centro Cultural de la Raza 


Registration confirmation:
Student Affairs – 388-3498; D-106

Additional information:

San Quintin Farmworkers: Presentation in San Diego: May 6, 2016

 Gloria Gracida in San Diego 
San Quintin Farmworker Struggle 

Friday, May 6, 6 pm 
Centro Cultural de la Raza 

2004 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 
Balboa Park 

Gloria Gracida Martinez is a middle school teacher in the Valley of San Quintin in Baja California and is also a spokeswoman for the San Quintin Valley farmworkers. She is a special commissioner outside Mexico to promote the boycott against Driscoll's and to carry the message to brothers and sisters in the United States. Gloria Gracida grew up in San Quintin but her family comes from Oaxaca; she began working in the fields when she was 10 and saw all the injustices against women and children that also worked in the fields. 

Interview to Gloria Gracida

 Gloria Gracida Martinez es maestra de telesecundaria en el Valle de San Quintín en Baja California y es también portavoz de los y las jornaleras agrícolas del Valle de San Quintín y es comisionada especial fuera de México para hablar del boicot contra Driscoll´s y llevar el mensaje a los y las hermanas en Estados Unidos. Gloria creció en San Quintín pero su familia procede de Oaxaca; ella comenzó a trabajar en los campos cuando tenía 10 años y experimentó todas las injusticias que pasaban las mujeres y niños que igual que ella trabajaban en los campos agrícolas. Más información: Trabajadores agrícolas

46th Annual Chicano Park Day Celebration: Apr 23

46th Annual Chicano Park Day Celebration
Saturday, April 23, 2016

Organized by the Chicano Park Steering Committee, Stewards of Chicano Park

    “Empowering Our Youth, Ensuring Our Traditions Live On” is the theme of the 46th annual Chicano Park Day to be held on Saturday, April 23, 2016, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, in historic Chicano Park, located in the Barrio Logan community, south of downtown San Diego. This family event is free and open to the public.

    Established by Chicano activists on April 22, 1970, Chicano Park has received international recognition as a major public art site for its commanding mural paintings of the past and present struggle of Mexican and Chicano history. Chicano Park has been listed on the California Register of Historical Resources since 1997 and on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

    Visitors to Chicano Park Day will experience traditional music and dance, including one of the most beautiful performances of Aztec Indigenous dance, coordinated by Danza Azteca Calpulli Mexihca. The event will include performances by Ballet Folklórico Libertad, Ballet  Folklórico Yaqui, Mujeres en Resistencia, FAMA: Folklórico  & Mariachi Association, USD, Mariachi Imperial de San Diego, La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlan, Steeltoe, Pleazure Band, Grupo Tierra Chicano, 2MX2, Goma Sound, Generations Blvd Band, Chocolate Revolution, Almas Fronterizas, and Maiz. There will also be speakers representing the Chicano Park Steering Committee, Brown Berets de Aztlán, Amigos Car Club, and Via International.

     In addition, there will be a display of classic lowrider cars presented by Amigos Car Club, children’s art workshop led by muralist Victor Ochoa and various informational booths. Food, arts and crafts vendors will be selling their specialties throughout Chicano Park.