Enero Zapatista- Jan 30, 2016

12th Annual Enero Zapatista closing event
Centro Cultural de la Raza at Balboa Park
Jan 30, 6-11 pm

There will be vendors, food, art, and a GREAT lineup!
Performances by Red Warrior Drummers, Jesis Mendez, Mujeres en Resistencia, Faith Santilla, Odessa Kane, Astrologik, Bambu, Quiriquiri Coyotas
$7-$10 donation (but no one will be turned away for lack of funds)
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Art in Tijuana. Jan to April, 2016

Collection Elias-Fontes
CECUT, Centro Cultural of Tijuana 
Galeria # 2 El Cubo 

If you haven’t been to Tijuana in a while, now’s the time to come for a visit. The show “Collection of Elias-Fontes Historia y Relato” (History and Story) at CECUT, The Centro Cultural of Tijuana in Zona Rio, is an exhibition that asks serious questions about the role of the artist in the context of the relentless, pulsating vitality of contemporary capitalism. This is a collection of works whose significance is based in the materials of everyday life. The grotesque, the montrous, the uncomfortable fusion of possibility and destruction, amalgams and cyber-creatures. 

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Chicana and Chicano Studies
Calendar of Action and Culture
Fall 2015 

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