Free Immigration Consultations: July 12

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Free Immigration Consultations

Receive a FREE Confidential Consultation from a
Trusted, Qualified Immigration Attorney!

Wednesday, Julio 12, 2017
2-4:30 pm
San Diego City College, 
Room MS-140
1313 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92101




Immigration Attorneys will offer free assessments for different forms of immigration relief, including: VAWA, UVisa, DACA, citizenship, and more.

Light refreshments will be provided.
By appointment!!

Availability will be limited for those without an appointment and will be served through a first come, first serve basis from 2 - 4:30pm.

For more information and to make your appointment, call:
619.363.3423 or email

Documentary SUNNU: June 30, 2017


Un documental sobre el corazón de México
A film about Mexico´s heart

June 30th, 6 pm

Bread and Salt
1955 Julian Ave
San Diego, CA 92113

Documental sobre la situación actual del campo mexicano vista a través de los productores de maíz. El maíz está siendo amenazado en su raíz y origen y no sobrevivirá si no sobreviven los pueblos campesinos que lo cultivan.

The situation of Mexican agriculture from the corn producers´ perspective. The corn is under attack in its roots and origin and will not survive if the peasants who plant it do not survive.

Entrada libre / Free admission
Se aceptan donaciones / Donations accepted
Venta de comida / Food for sale

Los fondos recaudados servirán para organizar los eventos del 26 de Septiembre: A 3 años de Ayotzi

Obtained funds will help to organize the events on Sept 26: Three years of Ayotzinapa

Organizan / Sponsored by:

TAINH, CLCS, LOFA, Raíces sin Fronteras

More info:

Chicano/a Studies 135 Summer 2017

Open Class for Summer 2017 
Chicana/o Studies Department 
San Diego City College 

Chicano/a Studies 135 
CRN # 53941 
T/TH 7:40- 10:50 am 
Profe Norell Martinez 

This course fulfills the requirements to obtain an Associate Degree Credit
(Area 3B: Humanities) and transfer to CSU and UC systems. 

CHIC 135- Themes of Cultural Resistance in Chicana/o Literature 
An interdisciplinary approach to examine the rich history of Chicana/o literature: novel, short story, poetry, drama, children’s literature and critical essay, alongside films, visual art and other forms of cultural production. The course explores the ways in which mexicana/os living in the U.S. resist against oppression, racism and other forms of marginalization and, simultaneously, the healing power of creative expression, drawing from the Nahuatl belief on xochitl in cuicatl (flower & song), or the act of art-making, poetry, and communicating our truths.

Refugee Caravan Gathering-- May 7, 2017

Refugee Caravan Gathering
Reunión con la Caravana de Migrantes Refugiados

(Español: ver abajo)

Sunday, May 7th, Border Action in Tijuana-San Ysidro to defend asylum seekers’ rights
Conclusion of the 2017 Refugee Caravan

On Sunday, May 7th, Refugee Caravan participants will take action one last time to defend their right to live in safety, without the fear of detention and deportation. They are Central Americans who fled death threats and persecution, organized in southern Mexico and traveled together on foot, by bus and on top of the cargo train, raising their voices all along the way to demand respect for their rights as refugees.

Dozens of individuals - ranging in age from less than two months to more than fifty years old and including women, men, children, members of the queer community, and unaccompanied minors - will present themselves to US officers at the San Ysidro port of entry (El Chaparral) to seek asylum.

We demand that the US government process their claims as required under the law by referring them for a credible or reasonable fear interview, and not turn them away as US Customs; Border Protection agents have frequently and increasingly done.

10 am- we will have an international gathering with members of the community in both sides of the fence at Friendship Park (where the Wall meets the sea).

1:30pm- we will hold a press conference outside the offices of Grupos Beta, a Mexican immigration agency. We will denounce the collaboration between US and Mexican authorities in deterring asylum seekers.

2:30pm- the Refugee Caravan participants will march to the border, accompanied by other volunteers, organizers, and human rights observers..

The Refugee Caravan is calling on you to stand in solidarity with those who have been forced to abandon their homes and families, to flee for their lives after losing loved ones to persecution, to endure a long, hard and dangerous journey north.

Domingo, 7 de mayo, Acción en la Frontera de Tijuana para defender a los derechos de las personas refugiadas
Conclusión del Viacrucis de Refugiadxs

El domingo, 7 de mayo, integrantes de la caravana de refugiadxs tomarán acción una última vez para defender su derecho de vivir con seguridad, sin el miedo a la detención y a la deportación. Son centroamericanxs quienes huyeron de amenazas de muerte y persecución, se organizaron en el sur de México, y viajaron a pie, en bus y arriba del tren, alzando sus voces en todo el camino para exigir respeto a sus derechos como personas refugiadas.

Decenas de individuos - con edades desde menos de dos meses hasta más de 50 años e incluyendo mujeres, hombres, niñxs, miembros de la comunidad queer y menores no acompañados - se presentarán a oficiales de migración de EEUU en la entrada de San Ysidro para pedir asilo.

Exigimos que el gobierno de EEUU procese sus casos como se debe bajo la ley, que es referirles a una entrevista de miedo creíble o razonable, y no rechazarles como lo han hecho ya muchas veces y cada vez empeorando.

A las 10am habrá un encuentro internacional en ambos lados de el muro del Parque de la Amistad (donde el Muro entra al mar.)

A la 1pm haremos una conferencia de prensa afuera de las oficinas del Grupos Beta, una agencia mexicana de migración. Denunciaremos la colaboración entre autoridades de EEUU y México para detener a solicitantes de asilo.

A las 2:30 pm, participantes del Viacrucis de Refugiadxs marcharán a la frontera, acompañadxs por voluntarios, organizadores y defensores de derechos humanos.

El Viacrucis de Refugiadxs le hace a usted un llamado a solidarizarse con las personas que se han encontrado obligados a abandonar sus casas y sus familias, huir por sus vidas después de perder a seres queridos a la persecución, y aguantar un camino largo, duro y peligroso hacia el norte.

May Day: May 1st, 2017

May Day 


On Steps of B Building facing Park Blvd.
San Diego City College
  • 8:30: Gather at B Building
  • 9:00: Greeting and Music by La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlan
  • 9:05: Jim Miller, Professor, English and Labor Studies: May Day History and how it is relevant to current threats to labor and democracy in the Trump Era.
  • 9:15 Rosi Escamilla, Professor, English and Chicano Studies: Lucy Parson’s speech and how it speaks to the present
  • 9:25: Justin Akers-Chacon, Professor, Chicano Studies: May Day and the History of Immigrants’ Rights Struggles
  • 9:35: Enrique Davalos, Professor, Chicano Studies: How Communities are Resisting the Current Assault on Immigration Rights
  • 9:45: Doc Rivera, EOPS Counselor and Personal Growth Professor: Students as Workers and Activists (Music)
  • 10:00: Masahiro Omae, Professor, Political Science: Economic Inequality and Its Effects on Policy and Democracy
  • 10:10 Alejandra Lucero-Canaan, Professor, English and Yaneth Escobosa, City College Alum, Honors Staff: How the Material Consequences of Economic Inequality Intersect with Race and Gender
  • 10:20: Laila Aziz, Board Member, Pillars of the Community, Director of Operations, Metro San Diego: The Prison Industrial Complex as One of the Wages of Economic Inequality
  • 10:30: Kelly Mayhew, Professor, English, Labor Studies Program Coordinator: How Economic Inequality Intersects with Climate Justice
  • 10:40: Gerald Vanderpot, City College Classified Staff: The Existential Threat to Public Education
  • 10:50: Christy Ball, Professor, English: Students and Adjuncts as Disposable People in the Trump Era
  • 11:00: Music by La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlan before student march and speak out.


11:15 Student March around campus:
Sign making at B Building for people arriving from elsewhere

Student performances, music, and Speak Out

1:00 Rally at City College (Building B)- AFT, Student, and Community Speakers; music

2:00 March from City College to Federal Building

3:00 Protest in the Federal Building

4:00: March from the Federal Building to Chicano Park

May Day: May 1

Chicano Park Day: Apr 22, 2017

47th Annual Chicano Park Day Celebration
April 22, 2017 
10:00am to 5:00pm 

The 47th annual Chicano Park Day celebration will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017, 10:00am to 5:00pm in historic Chicano Park, located in the Logan Heights community, south of downtown San Diego under the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. 

This family event is free and open to the public. The theme for the 2017 celebration is "Ramón Chunky Sánchez: El Corazón Del Pueblo". 

Visitors to Chicano Park Day will experience traditional music and dance, including one of the most beautiful performances of Aztec Indigenous dance, coordinated by Danza Azteca Calpulli Mexihca.The event will include performances by Ballet Folklórico Nanahuatzin, Ballet Folklórico Yaqui, Ballet Folklórico CalifAztlan, Grupo Folklórico Pasión a México, Mujeres en Resistencia, Los Chinelos de Morelos, La Rondalla Amerindia, Mariachi Familiar, Village of K.O.R.E., Ruby Clouds, Posse Café, Santana para Ti, Los Fabulocos, and Ricardo Sanchez & friends and speakers repre-senting the Chicano Park Steering Committee, Brown Berets de Aztlan, Amigos Car Club, and Via International. 

Established by Chicano activists on April 22, 1970, Chicano Park has received international recognition as a major public art site for its commanding mural paintings of the past and present struggle of Mexican and Chicano history. Chicano Park has been listed on the California Register of Historical Resources since 1997, on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013 and designated a National Historic Landmark in January 2017.

More info:

Join the Caravan Against Fear - 4/16 and 4/17

We're mobilizing because fear is spreading throughout the US and being used as a tool to promote white supremacy, terrorize communities and break apart families. We believe that defiant protest, coupled with acts of mutual aid, trust, and understanding across communities, are vital to combating fear, repelling Trump's attacks on our freedom and families, and building a lasting civic offensive to defend immigrants and defeat the evil plans of the Trump Administration.

WHAT: Welcome and Dialogue with the Caravan of Fear

WHEN: Sunday, April 16th, 2 pm,
WHERE: San Diego-Tijuana International Border

WHEN: Monday, April 17th at 6 pm
WHERE: Sherman Heights Community Center, 2258 Island Ave. San Diego, 92113

Latinas in Music at Centro Cultural de la Raza: Apr 1, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA, 92101

Mujeres en Resistencia: Mar 25, 2017

Mujeres en Resistencia 

Saturday, March 25 at 6 PM - 9 PM 
Centro Cultural de la Raza 
Balboa Park 2004 
Park Blvd San Diego
CA 92101 

Facebook Event:

Mexico: Movement in the Age of Trump @ Social Justice Conference

San Diego City College 
3rd Annual Social Justice and Education Conference presents: 

Mexico: Movement in the Age of Trump 

Thursday March 23rd 2017 
MS 462

Join us and learn how constellation beer bands are affecting the environment and violation of human rights and collective rights that safeguard access to water. 

Social Justice Conference: Mar 22 and 23, 2017

Social Justice Conference
Schedule at Glance

Wed March 22

9:30 am, Saville Theater
Opening Ritual and Opening Remarks
Featured Speaker: Jasiri X, Hip Hop Artist and Activist
Race, Gender and the Power of Hip Hop

11:10 am, MS 162
Session C: Dr. Arcela Nunez-Alvarez, Research Director, National Latino Rights Center
Latino/a Rights and Popular Education

Thursday March 23

11:10 am
MS 162
Session D: Student Refugee Panel (including representative from the IRC)
Our experience and why it matters

11:10 am
MS 140
Dr. Daniel Widener, Professor of Modern American History and Black Studies, UCSD Studios in the Street: Community Arts and Political Change in California

12:45-2:10 pm
MS 162
Jessica Wimbley, Artist
Art and Social Justice - A World Cultures Event

2:30 pm, MS 462
Mexico: Movements in the Age of Trump
Social Justice and Education Conference 

See the complete schedule

Maceo Montoya, Chicano Movement for Beginners: March 16, 2017

Maceo Montoya
Chicano Movement for Beginners

March 16, Thursday, 9:35 am 
Room BT 306

As the heyday of the Chicano Movement of the late 1960s to early 70s fades further into history and as more and more of its important figures pass on, so too does knowledge of its significance. Thus, Chicano Movement For Beginners is an important attempt to stave off historical amnesia. It seeks to shed light on the multifaceted civil rights struggle known as "El Movimiento" that galvanized the Mexican American community, from laborers to student activists, giving them not only a political voice to combat prejudice and inequality, but also a new sense of cultural awareness and ethnic pride.

Beyond commemorating the past, Chicano Movement For Beginners seeks to reaffirm the goals and spirit of the Chicano Movement for the simple reason that many of the critical issues Mexican American activists first brought to the nation's attention then--educational disadvantage, endemic poverty, political exclusion, and social bias--remain as pervasive as ever almost half a century later.

24th Latino Film Festival Promo: Mar 14, 2017

24th Latino Film Festival Promo
Ethan Van Thillo, Festival director

March 14, Tuesday, 11:10 am 
MS 162

World Cultures Program

Tijuana Maquiladora Tour: Apr 22, 2017

Tijuana Maquiladora Tour
Come to learn about Tijuana workers'
conditions and struggles!
Saturday, Apr 22, 2017
8:30 am to 3:00 pm

Important Notice:
  • U.S. citizens entering Mexico via Tijuana and returning from Mexico to San Diego should carry a U.S. passport.
  • All tour participants must read the US travel alert to Mexico and sign the tour waiver. Please click here to see the Tour travel alert and waiver.
Schedule (There may be slight variations from tour to tour.)

  • 8:30 am sharp- San Ysidro. Additional information about the meeting place will be provided.
  • 9:00 am Group arrives to Tijuana. Border line to enter Tijuana last about 30 mins.
  • 9:15 am- The crosses at the border: More than 7,000 immigrants have died trying to cross the border since 1994, when NAFTA was imposed.
  • 9:30 am- Otay Industrial Park, Sanyo and other maquiladoras: workers’ labor conditions, labor rights and struggles
  • NOTE: We will visit the Tijuana industrial area but won’t enter any factory.
  • 11:15 am- Rio Alamar, or how maquiladoras, distorted urban development and wild industrialization define Tijuana
  • 12:00 pm- Foxconn: the largest maquiladora in both Tijuana and the world
  • 12:45 pm- Lunch
  • 1:15 pm:- Group dialogue about the experience; time for questions and comments
  • 2:00 pm- Working women in Tijuana are organizing artisan cooperatives and promoting an alternative economy. They will bring their handcrafts to the tour. To learn in advance about these cooperatives, please go to: Cooperativa Ollin Calli
  • 3:00 pm- Return to the bus station
  • $30 regular, $20 students, $ 50 solidarity
  • Your registration covers the bus, lunch, and a donation to the
  • workers’ organizations.
More information on the tour and maquiladoras

Sponsored by:
  • Colectivo Ollin Calli Tijuana
  • San Diego Maquiladora Workers' Solidarity Network

Mexican teachers in San Diego: Mar 4, 2017


Since February 2013, the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE) has maintained an intense struggle in Mexico against what the government has called "Education reform." The central objectives of these “reforms” are the privatization of public education and the dismantling of the national education system. In addition, the “reforms” are designed to weaken the union.

The resistance led by the CNTE and supported by much of the population has resulted in the delegitimization and in cancellation of some of these attacks.

However, repression by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto has also resulted in several deaths, dozens imprisoned, and untold numbers of teachers and their supporters beaten by pólice as part of a widespread campaign of repression.

This government is determined to carry out its campaign of privatization at all costs to comply with the free-market capitalist dictates of the OECD, IMF, and World Bank – and against the will of its own people.

Since the repression has begun, over 3360 teachers have been fired by the government, targeted for their participation in the mass protests and and other forms of opposition to the campaign of privatization.

Join us to hear from the teachers and leaders of the CNTE, who are coming to San Diego to share their story and build solidarity against the cross-border assault on public education and teachers’ unions.

Red Earth Rising at Centro Cultural de la Raza: Mar 4, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA, 92101

Cross of Thorns: The Enslavement of California´s Indians: Feb 27, 2017

Elias Castillo. A Cross of Thorns:
The Enslavement of California´s Indians
by the Spanish Missions

Monday February 27, 2017 
11 am and 12: 45 pm 
Room MS 462
San Diego City College 

Elias Castillo. A Cross of Thorns: The Enslavement of California´s Indians by the Spanish Missions

About the Author: Elias Castillo is a three time Pulitzer Prize nominee and winner of 13 journalism awards, working for the San Jose Mercury News and Associated Press. Under a grant from National Geographic, he led the first scientific exploration of Mexico's vast Copper Canyon. The expedition gathered the first geological survey and environmental data of an area that rivals the dimensions of the Grand Canyon. Castillo, who holds two degrees from San Jose State University, was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, where his step grandfather, Jose Severo Castillo, was publisher of an influential reformist newspaper. 

Excerpt from A Cross of Thorns: "In a native society controlled by men, it was an Indian medicine woman of the Gabrieleño tribe named Toypurina who, in 1785, organized warriors to attack the missions and kill those who had invaded and now controlled her people's land. Hers would be the only known Indian rebellion in North America to have a woman at its helm. Toypurina was a Tongva Indian living in a village called Japchivit and was probably 9 or 10 years old when the Spanish expeditions arrived in the spring and summer of 1769 to found the first mission in San Diego. As a girl, she lived virtually free of worry. Food was bountiful along the coast and whether it was winter or summer, the coastal weather was always mild." 

For more information: Profe Eduardo Aguilar- eaguilar@sdccd.du

Free Citizenship Fair: Feb 20, 2017

Free Citizenship Fair
Apply to become a Naturalized Citizen 
Aplique para ser un Ciudadano Naturalizado

February 20
Any time between 10 am and 7 pm

Hermandad Mexicana
2440 Highland Ave. 
National City, CA 91950
(619) 434-9458

Must be a Legal Permanent Resident without a criminal record for at least 5 years, and 18 y.o.+ Must bring LPR Card, ID/License, Social Security card, and 2 photos passport size. 

Debe ser Residente Permanente Legal sin antecedentes penales por mínimo 5 años, con 18 años de edad+. Deben traer Mica, ID/Licencia, tarjeta de Seguro Social, y 2 fotos tipo pasaporte.

Transnational Art and Struggle: Jan 30 to Feb 16, 2017

Facebook event

Reception: Feb 10, Friday, 5-8 pm

City College Gallery
V-CTC Building
B St. and 16th St.

Jane Terrazas: Feb 10, 2017

Cuidad Juarez artist, Jane Terrazas will be discussing human rights issues experienced by residents in her hometown and in the state of Chihuahua in the context of artistic activsim on Friday February 10th at 3:30pm at the Centro Cultural de la Raza.

Terrazas is a textile artists who uses raw material such as re-used fabric, women's stockings, plastic, electro sensitive material, yarn and threads to make reflection of the systematic gender violence. Taking as an object of study the atrocities that occur in her hometown of Cuidad Juarez, she invites us to reflect on textile sculpture, weaving, loom and contemporary embroidery as urban interventions to create a dialogue with the community about new forms of economic conscience to break with the frustration, speculation, exploitation and bloodshed of our current oppressive system.

Terrazas studied design at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and did an artist residency at the IFCA in Yokohama Japan. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers such as: Ka Volta, Fusion Mag, Amapola Cultura, El informador, Picnic, La tempestad y Art agenda (Nota sobre Yonke), Faboulosly Feminist, Remezcla, Quilombismo, TV UNAM, Nueva Mujer, Borderland TV, Museo Textil de Oaxaca, Crónica Jalisco.

Jane Terrazas' work is currently on display at the Transnational Struggles: Intersectionalites Across Borders group art exhibit at SD City College Luxe Gallery. The exhibit is part of the biannual Bi-National Border Conference hosted by the Chicana/o Studies department at SD City College.
The presentation will be followed by an artist reception at Luxe Gallery located on the 5th Floor of V Bldg. (1080 16th st. SD CA 92101). Artist reception is from 5-8pm.

A very special thanks to our host, the Centro Cultural de la Raza, for the community space!