Precious Knowledge: Sep 29

Club Mecha Presents
Monday, Sep 29, 2:30 pm
Room MS 451

Sierra Norte por la Vida: Sep 25

Club Tainh Presents:
Thursday, Sep 25, 3 pm
Room MS 451

Tijuana Maquiladora Tour: Sept 20, 2104

Maquiladora Tour: English
September 20, 2014
Info and registration:

Tour Maquilero: EspaƱol
20 Septiembre, 2014
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More Info:
Enrique Davalos

Independence Day?: Sep 11

Is Mexico an independent country? Really?
What should be celebrate on the Mexican Independence Day?
Thursday, Sept 11, 3 pm
Room MS 462

Organized by TAINH

T.A.I.N.H. o "Pariente" en Lengua Mixteca:

"Trabajando en Apoyo por la Igualdad de Nuestros hermano/as."

Maquiladoras in Tijuana: Sep 8

Monday September 8, 11:10 am
Room MS 462
San Diego City College

Maquiladoras in Tijuana
Industrial Labor exploitation and Environment Destruction

Presentation by Margarita Avalos and Neri Castillo
Colectivo Ollin Calli, Tijuana

Raise Up Fight for 15!: Sep 4

Thursday 9/4 STRIKE! 
Stand with Fast Food Workers - Fight for $15 in San Diego
McDonald's at 3879 Fairmount Avenue in San Diego, California