Know Your Rights: What To Do If You're Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI

Jun 30, 2010

American Civil  Liberties Union

» Qué debe hacer si la policía, agentes de inmigración o el FBI lo detienen
» Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement
» What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona.

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We rely on the police to keep us safe and treat us all fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin or religion. This card provides tips for interacting with police and understanding your rights.

Note: Some state laws may vary. Separate rules apply at checkpoints and when entering the U.S. (including at airports).

- You have the right to remain silent. If you wish to exercise that right, say so out loud.
- You have the right to refuse to consent to a search of yourself, your car or your home.
- If you are not under arrest, you have the right to calmly leave.
- You have the right to a lawyer if you are arrested. Ask for one immediately.
- Regardless of your immigration or citizenship status, you have constitutional rights.

What to do if you are stopped by police, immigration agents or the FBI: Your rights

San Diego Foundation Scholaship Program

San Diego Foundation Scholaship Program

The San Diego Foundation recognizes that the sustainability and quality of our region depend on a well-educated and experienced workforce. We also believe that education is a right, and we strive to help all who seek an education the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

We reach both of these goals through The Foundation’s Community Scholarship Program, the largest provider of scholarships in the San Diego region with more than 150 scholarship funds at an average fund size of over $150,000. Since 1997, The San Diego Foundation Community Scholarship Program has allocated approximately $15 million in scholarships. Last year alone we awarded $2.72 million in scholarships to more than 600 recipients.

The Foundation is extremely proud of the impact of this program on San Diego and its students. The program awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors, current college students, and adult re-entry students, and includes access to accredited two-year colleges, four-year universities or licensed trade/vocational schools.

For additional information regarding The San Diego Foundation’s Community Scholarship Program, please contact scholarship staff at 619-235-2300 or by e-mail at

Contest seeks to put immigrants in a positive light - San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium

November 3, 2010

A local immigrant rights group is conducting a contest asking San Diego County residents to submit stories about how immigrants positively contribute to the community in an effort to counter negative portrayals of immigrants in the country.

The contest, called Immigrants Are U.S., was sponsored by the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium and runs through Dec. 13, said Ricardo Favela, a spokesman for the group. It asks people to submit self-produced videos of up to four minutes via the group’s website,

Favela said immigrants have been used as scapegoats for various problems in the country, particularly by politicians heading into the midterm elections. Some candidates for political office ran ads featuring disturbing images of immigrants in an effort to get elected, Favela said.

“Right now we’re seeing very negative and blatantly anti-immigrant political ads and statements of Latino (immigrants) in particular,” Favela said.

In Nevada, U.S. Senate candidate Republican Sharron Angle released ads linking her opponent Democratic Sen. Harry Reid to illegal immigrants with video of what appear to be scary-looking Latino gang members.

And in Escondido, mayoral candidate Sam Abed sent a mailer to thousands of voters that included a grainy, black and white photo of illegal immigrants running across a freeway saying that illegal immigrants cost city taxpayers millions of dollars.

As an example of the stories the group is asking people to submit, it produced a video of two families that started an annual, traditional Mexican “posada” in Spring Valley. Posadas are a Christmas tradition celebrated by Catholic Mexicans, symbolizing the trials endured by Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus.

The Immigrants Are U.S. contest was modeled after a nationwide campaign, called We Are America, that asks immigrants to tell their own stories in an effort to humanize immigrants, Favela said.

The We Are America campaign was started in July by a group called the Center for Community Change, a group that advocates for low-income communities and minority communities.

Burke Stansbury, project coordinator for the We Are America, said he was glad to hear other groups are sponsoring similar efforts.

“Unfortunately, in the current political dialogue, the human side of immigration is not being recognized,” Stansbury said.

Favela said he believes that most people have a favorable view of immigrants, including illegal immigrants. He pointed to an Los Angeles Times/USC poll released last week that reported that 48 percent of likely voters said immigrants were a benefit to the state, while only 32 percent of respondents said they were a burden.

The same poll also reported that 59 percent of respondents said that illegal immigrants who had lived and worked in the state for at least two years should be given an opportunity to stay.

Thus far, the group has received no entries for the Immigrants Are U.S. contest, which started about two weeks ago, Favela said. The contest is free to enter and winners will receive a portrait package from Vantage Photography.

For more information on contest rules, visit

Call staff writer Edward Sifuentes at 760-740-3511.




Job Description:

The Media Specialist will work in partnership with community leaders in City Heights in the design and on-going implementation of media campaigns and communication's plans. The Media Specialist analyzes the audience, develops media campaigns and media opportunities in mainstream and ethnic media channels, manages content on the Mid-City CAN website and social media sites, develops communications strategies for a highly diverse audience in multiple languages, manages graphic design and video, provides media education and training to community members, and other duties as assigned. The Media Specialist will support the goal of mobilizing community and assist in identifying and advocating for change.


Plan, develop and implement media action plans for community-based campaigns

Work collaboratively with other Media Specialists to develop and implement media action plans within the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. Write articles, calls to action, and other media/program materials. Develop contacts and professional relationships with print and electronic media staff that are intended to advance the goals of the media action plan. Develop data base of community leaders, members, and social service agencies. Work collaboratively with all participating agencies and community collaborations to develop and maintain media activities. Provide outreach and media education to community groups, youth and collaborations. Assist the community, including youth in understanding and interpreting media strategies, opportunities and in developing appropriate media activities. Develop and maintain working linkages to ethnic media, faith based and other organizations and individuals to facilitate clear open communication between these groups and to achieve the goals of the media action plan. Participate in program and collaborative events, training and fund-raisers. Have and maintain positive and supportive relationships with coworkers. Accurately represent the agency and maintain positive working relationships with the general public, clients, funding sources, government bodies, etc. Communicate positive and negative feedback from the community for more effective operations. Utilize appropriate opportunities to pursue positive relations for the collaborative. Other tasks as assigned by Mid-City CAN Collaborative Director.


Bachelor's degree in Communications, Public Relations, and /or commensurate experience as a Communications Specialist, Media Specialist, Journalist, Public Relations Professional, or in related field. Minimum 2 years of relevant leadership experience in an agency providing public relations and media services in a community setting. Knowledge of the underlying principles for the use of media advocacy to promote collaboration and resident involvement. Ability to translate community-based planning objectives into media advocacy. Ability to travel overnight when required to do so. Experience with and respect for diverse cultures. Experience in public speaking and presentations. Have access to reliable transportation and willing to use it for job related tasks. Must be able to work evenings and weekends as needed. Familiarity with communications for community organizing and policy advocacy a plus.

To Apply:

Please email resumes/cover letters to and include the job title in the subject line of all emails.

Domestic Violence

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

• One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

• An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.

• 85% of domestic violence victims are women.

• Historically, females have been most often victimized by someone they knew.

• Females who are 20-24 years of age are at the greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner

• Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police.

services for Diana Gonzalez

SDCCD Community:

Below is information just received from the Gonzalez Family regarding the services for Diana Gonzalez on Monday, October 18 at 11:00 a.m.

All night viewing starting at 5 pm on Sunday 10/17/10 @ El Camino Memorial located at 607 National City Blvd. National City, CA. 91950

Mass at 11:00 am on Monday 10/18/10 @ St. Judes Shrine located at 1129 S. 38th St. San Diego, CA. 92113

Burial @ 1:00 pm on Monday 10/18/10 @ Greenwood Cemetery located at 4300 Imperial Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92113


Two Funds have been established through the San Diego City College Foundation in honor of Diana Gonzalez:

The first account, Funds for the Gonzalez Family, will help defray the costs of Diana’s funeral and other family expenses. The second account, Funds for the Daughter of Diana Gonzalez, will establish a scholarship for Diana’s 9-month-old daughter.

Check donations should be written to the San Diego City College Foundation; 1313 Park Blvd, San Diego CA 92101. Please designate the name of the account for your donation.

Donations can also be dropped off in the City College Student Accounting Office, A-114.

See below:

From the family:

On behalf of the family of Diana Gonzalez, we would first and foremost like to thank the many of you who have shown your support and sympathy for our family. Our family has been touched by so many demonstations of care and concern for Diana's loss. We would like everyone to know that our family is hopeful that Diana's story will help put a stop to Domestic Violence and motivate the authorities and others in positions of power to make significant changes to the current legal system. Our hope is that Diana's story will not be forgotten and that the justice system becomes harsher on perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

We would also like to inform everyone of Diana's services and make you aware that anybody who wishes to attend is Welcome, however, we would appreciate that if media intends to be present no interviews are requested. The service schedule is as follows:

All night viewing starting at 5 pm on Sunday 10/17/10 @ El Camino Memorial located at 607 National City Blvd. National City, CA. 91950

Mass at 11:00 am on Monday 10/18/10 @ St. Judes Shrine located at 1129 S. 38th St. San Diego, CA. 92113

Burial @ 1:00 pm on Monday 10/18/10 @ Greenwood Cemetary located at 4300 Imperial Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92113

Additionally we have had many requests for information as to where people can make a contribution for Diana's services as well as donations for Diana's 10 month old baby. An account has been set up through Cabrillo Credit Union and the account number is 19370700. The name of the account is Memorial Fund for Diana Gonzalez. We would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank Center for Community Solutions whose director personally dropped off a contribution check. Such acts of kindness are never forgotten.


The Gonzalez Family

San Diego Scholarship Book List

There are a wide variety of scholarships available to students attending City College.

NOTE: The San Diego Community College District and City College provide notice of all student scholarship opportunities made known to them regardless of the qualifications which the entities offering the scholarships may attach to the scholarships. The District and College do not discriminate or grant preferential treatment on the basis of color, race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin in their public education programs.

Support Club IDEAS--Take action on the Dream Act


We recently gave a presentation about the club I.D.E.A.S. at City College. First of all I want to thank you for your interest in the club and its purpose. We are currently working with other organizations on making the DREAM Act a reality. For those who don’t know about this Act I attached a flyer with concise information. On the other hand we are also trying to make I.D.E.A.S. an official club at City College and in order to do so we need your help. By providing your student ID and AS card # we’re going to be able to plan events around campus, we need at least 10 AS #s but the more the better. Lastly, we started a small library on facebook where students donate their textbooks to our club for other future students to use. What we do is we rent the books for $10 per book/per semester and the money will go towards a scholarship for incoming AB540 Freshman. If you would like to help I.D.E.A.S. become a official club or donate your textbooks or have any questions please don't hesitate to reply this e-mail or text me @(256)715-3468

Be our friend on facebook: Ideas Sdcc

P.S. The meetings are on Thursday @4pm, City cefeteria at the far end by the resrooms we will have a banner so you know who we are :) Hope to see you there!!!!


Susy Sanchez

City College Club Ideas


We need calls right now. We need to flood offices with calls in support of the DREAM Act. Currently we are being beat by anti-immigrants 10 calls to 1. That means for every 1 call you make in support 10 people are calling against the DREAM Act.


Dial: 1-888-254-5087
...Ask for the following people and leave a message with their office.

Call-in Script for Republicans:

“Hi I am calling to ask that Senator _______ vote for the DREAM Act. This bill will allow for undocumented youth to fix their status by serving this country in the uniformed services in addition to allowing for them to return the investment our country has made in them. Please have the member support the dream act.”

Sen. Hatch of Utah
Sen. Bunning of Kentucky
Sen. Bennet of Utah
Sen. Gregg of New Hampshire
Sen. Bailey-Hutchison of Texas
Sen. McCain of Arizona
Sen. Voinovich of Ohio
Sen. Snowe of Maine
Sen. Collins of Maine
Sen. LeMeiux of Florida
Sen. Brownback of Kansas

Call-in script for Democrats:

“Hi I am calling to ask that Senator _______ vote in favor of the DREAM Act. This bill will allow for thousands of undocumented youth to fix their status by getting a two year college degree or joining the military. This is an investment in our countries future. Support the DREAM Act.”

Sen. Hagan of North Carolina
Sen. Pryor of Arkansas
Sen. Landrieu of Louisiana
Sen. Conrad of North Dakota
Sen. Dorgan of North Dakota
Sen. Nelson of Florida
Sen. Baucus of Montana
Sen. Tester of Montana
Sen. Feinstein of California


Bicentenario: festejo fallido

15 sep 2010

La Jornada

La manera fallida, inconsistente, frívola y hasta contradictoria en que han sido organizados los actos conmemorativos por el 200 aniversario del inicio de la guerra de Independencia es expresión de la circunstancia crítica que vive el país y, también, de las carencias e incapacidades de la autoridad para comprenderla y atenderla. Por principio de cuentas, resulta paradójico que la conmemoración por los 200 años de la gesta independentista se produzca en el contexto de una soberanía nacional severamente acotada. Lo anterior se expresa con particular claridad en el sometimiento, desde hace más de dos décadas, al modelo neoliberal dictado por Washington, el Fondo Monetario Internacional y el Banco Mundial; en la posterior suscripción del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN); en la grave circunstancia de dependencia alimentaria que afecta a México; en el abandono del campo, de la industria y de la planta productiva nacional; en el deterioro deliberado de la industria petrolera y la entrega de sectores estratégicos, como la banca y la generación de energía eléctrica, a empresas trasnacionales. El adelgazamiento” del Estado –realizado con ostensible corrupción–, el afán privatizador desmedido de las últimas cuatro administraciones federales, y la entrega de potestades nacionales a corporaciones y gobiernos extranjeros, colocan al país en situación de lamentable dependencia.

Otro tanto puede decirse de la suscripción de acuerdos como la Alianza para la Seguridad y la Prosperidad de América del Norte –conocida también como el “TLCAN militarizado”– y la Iniciativa Mérida: tales convenios representan para México claudicaciones inadmisibles en materia de soberanía y seguridad nacional. Por añadidura, el desdén gubernamental a la observancia de los derechos fundamentales de mexicanos y ciudadanos de otros países da cuenta, dentro y fuera del país, de la incapacidad del Estado mexicano para cumplir con algunas de sus obligaciones fundamentales...

Los jóvenes, más solos que nunca: experta

15 ago 2010

Emir Olivares Alonso
Periódico La Jornada
Domingo 15 de agosto de 2010, p. 14

A diferencia de otras épocas, el adolescente de hoy está más solo, aislado, desconcertado, confundido y lleno de preguntas que no encuentran cauce, lo que hace que se pierda e incurra en conductas negativas, advirtió la doctora Amada Ampudia Rueda, de la Facultad de Sicología de la UNAM...

Para Ampudia Rueda el gran problema es que los adolescentes no se sienten relacionados con nada fuera de sí mismos, y esto los lleva a tomar dos caminos: la inhibición extrema o la adopción de pautas y patrones de violencia, es decir, pueden optar por la inhibición o la desinhibición.

Ambas conductas –dijo– son diferentes, pero entrañan riesgos. Los que rehúyen el contacto social tienden a presentar alteraciones y a generar problemáticas particulares, y para muchos es fácil caer en este escenario por los avances tecnológicos, que permiten acceder a realidades virtuales y relaciones mediadas por una computadora.

El que opten por conductas hostiles se explica porque “los jóvenes fácilmente se identifican con modelos cargados de agresión y con personajes que, por medio de ésta, obtienen poder y control, algo que han deseado siempre”.

San Diego Mexican and Chicano History

Access: Aug 29, 2010

This website on San Diego's Mexican and Chicano history is an attempt to summarize some of the most important people, events, and ideas that have been contributed to our regional history by:

Native peoples,
Mexicans, and

It draws from, and is a companion to a larger work, written collaboratively and published in 2007:

Griswold del Castillo, Richard, ed. Chicano San Diego: Cultural Space and the Struggle for Justice. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2007.

Here, we invite you to explore some of the highlights in our rich heritage and invite you to contribute your own story and family archives to our ongoing effort to tell the San Diego, California story.

We offer this work as a token of our heritage here in San Diego; an offering for all of us to better appreciate the present by understanding the past. Much work remains to be done, for the full story has yet to be told.

Richard Griswold del Castillo
Isidro Ortiz
Rosalinda Gonzalez

Noche triste de Cortés en su pueblo natal

13 ago 2010

Tiñen su estatua con pintura roja; en el monumento, el conquistador pisa la cabeza de un indígena. Es una glorificación cruel del genocidio y un insulto para México, justifican en un comunicado los presuntos responsables

Armando G. Tejeda
Periódico La Jornada
Viernes 13 de agosto de 2010, p. 40

Madrid, 12 de agosto. Tinta roja y un mensaje tanto ético como estético: hay que replantear la estatua de Hernán Cortés en su pueblo natal, Medellín, en Extremadura, por ser un gesto cruel y arrogante con los pueblos originarios de América. En el monumento, construido a finales del siglo XIX y que recibió el aval de las autoridades públicas y religiosas, aparece el conquistador español vestido de uniforme militar, con gesto altivo y heroico y con su pie izquierdo sobre la cabeza de un indígena mexicano, al parecer azteca, y otros símbolos religiosos de la cultura precolombina.

El colectivo autodenominado Ciudadanos Anónimos decidió realizar un acto de protesta para criticar una escultura que, según ellos, vulnera los principios básicos de ética y de estética. Por eso actuaron de madrugada para teñir de pintura roja más de la mitad de la estatua de tres metros de altura y cuatro de ancho. El monumento, erigido como homenaje al conquistador español, es a su vez un atractivo turístico de este pueblo extremeño, que es uno de los puntos de visita de la ruta que tiene relación con el periodo histórico de la Conquista y sus protagonistas españoles, ya que muchos de ellos eran originarios de esta región del país, entonces una zona pobre y poblada sobre todo por marinos, militares y granjeros sin preparación intelectual. Incluso en esta zona de España su “patrona” es también la Virgen de Guadalupe, cuya imagen y leyenda fue posteriormente llevada a México...

Scholarships 2010-2011 @ San Diego City College

Click here to scholarships: City Scholarships

Dear Students:

The San Diego City College – Office of Student Affairs is very pleased to offer Scholarships to qualified students from San Diego City College and the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC). The generous gifts of faculty, staff, and our supporters* from throughout the San Diego community make these awards possible. San Diego City College is grateful to all of those contributing to the academic excellence of our students.

Each year hundreds of students receive scholarships tailored to their academic major, career objective or special interest. Many applicants never imagined qualifying for a scholarship but thanks to our generous supporters they were able to lighten their financial burden and afford a quality education at City College.

There are two types of students who will benefit from these wonderful opportunities. One type is the student who has a history of high achievement and commitment to educational goals; the other is the student who has a recent or renewed commitment to academic achievement.

We encourage you to apply and hope to see you among our proud recipients at the next scholarship awards presentation.

Please read the information contained within this packet and direct your questions to the Scholarships Office located in Room D-106, or call

(619) 388-3413 for more information.


Carmen F. Ruffo

Scholarship Coordinator

San Diego City College

México 2010: Emboscan a indígenas triquis vinculados a San Juan Copala

22 de agosto de 2010

Mueren 4 personas; la Ubisort es señalada como responsable
Emboscan a indígenas triquis vinculados a San Juan Copala
El ataque, a horas de que inicie la caravana de mujeres y niños al DF

Octavio Velez, Agustín Galo y Emir Olivares
Corresponsales y reportero
Periódico La Jornada
Domingo 22 de agosto de 2010, p. 11

Indígenas triquis relacionados con el municipio autónomo de San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, fueron emboscados por un grupo de hombres armados, presuntamente vinculados al Movimiento de Uni- ficación y Lucha Triqui (MULT) y a la Unión de Bienestar Social de la Región Triqui (Ubisort). El ataque dejó cuatro muertos y una persona herida. Los hechos ocurrieron en la carretera Santiago Juxtlahuaca-Putla de Guerrero...

Explicó que en la agresión falleció el líder de Santa Cruz Tilapa, Antonio Martínez, conocido como Toño Grande, y tres hombres más hasta ahora no identificados. Señaló que uno de los ocupantes del vehículo, llamado Alfredo Martínez, sobrevivió al ataque.

Las víctimas regresaban a Santa Cruz Tilapa procedentes de Santiago Juxtlahuaca después de realizar trabajos de organización de la caravana de mujeres y niños que partirá la madrugada del lunes 23 de agosto de San Juan Copala con rumbo a la capital del estado, para posteriormente dirigirse a la ciudad de México en protesta por la violencia ejercida contra el municipio independiente...

Jorge Albino Ortiz por su parte, informó que los ocupantes del vehículo atacado ayer “tenían el encargo de trabajar la salida de las compañeras en las comunidades de La Brama, Paraje Pérez, Yosoyuxi, Agua Fría y de San Juan Copala”. Acusó que la emboscada fue perpetrada por miembros de la Ubisort y del MULT...

Open applications SDSU

Dear Colleagues,

The political winds shift quickly. Department chairs have heard from our
Deans and the Provost that the CSU has just received some extra ARRA money
and the Chancellor's office has told SDSU that they would like for us to
increase our enrollments for this coming SPRING 2011 by 1,400 FTES. SDSU
is therefore currently eager for applications from transfer students for
(because Fall 2011 applications are beginning to be accepted October 1).
This is a very small window of opportunity. Depending on the result of the
state elections and therefore the budget, it is quite possible that the
CSU will be back to reducing enrollments for Fall 2011. Please tell
community college counselors, students, and the community that the time to
apply is NOW. Even if students are still missing one or two courses, they
should apply now rather than wait as their chance of getting in is much
higher now than it will be in the fall. Of course the criteria for
admissions remain the same (eligibility index, etc.). Local-area transfer
students will be given priority, then it will be opened up to state-wide
transfer applicants.

Please share this information widely. Thank you,

Anne Donadey
Professor and Chair of European Studies
Program Director in French
Professor of Women's Studies

San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7704
Phone (619) 594-0815 Fax (619) 594-8006

Bringing Education and Activism Together (BEAT)

The purpose of this organization is to create an open forum to educate and raise awareness about issues regarding global citizenship and responsibility on the City College Campus. Our goal is to promote discussion and academic debate, facilitate teach-ins, film showings, concerts and other campus events to bring students and community members together. To encourage networking between existing campus organizations and provide an avenue for discussion about student related issues. The main objective is to promote peace, increase political awareness, encourage a respectful environment devoid of oppression and intolerance, and increase campus activism.


Border Angels

Founded by Enrique Morones in 1986, Border Angels is a non-profit organization supporting humanity. The organization consists of extraordinary volunteers who want to stop unnecessary deaths of individuals traveling through the Imperial Valley desert areas and the mountain areas surrounding San Diego County, as well as the areas located around the United States and Mexican border. The high percentage of unnecessary deaths have been results of extreme heat and cold weather conditions, in addition some have sadly been the results of racial-discrimination crimes.

Contact: Isabel Montano, Border Angels Coordinator

Angeles del Desierto

We are volunteer group that does search and rescue operations in the desert and mounaneous regions of the border between the United States and Mexico. We aid search and rescue events, provide food, water, clothing and first aid emergency aid to people found in these extreme conditions until they cna be taken to a place where they can further assistance. We work in coordination with other groups in both sides of the border in order ot save the lives of those people that would surely perish because they lack basic needs such as water, food and appropriate clothing for the harsh conditions of the region.

Contact: Rafael Hernandez

Education for All

Education for All is a county-wide coalition in San Diego, California, that believes it is the responsibility of the state to allocate taxpayer money in the interests of society as a whole. We see the educational crisis first and foremost as a crisis of the mind and, therefore, a crisis that can only be remedied through the self-development of the individual utilizing the agent of education itself. The fact that education ranks 48th in California’s spending in a budget whose top ranking investment is prison expansion, reflects the clouded vision and overall irrationality of politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. Therefore, we uphold the urgency to re-establish the public educational institution as a central organ of society, with the power to remedy the many ills afflicting our state, and nation, today.

Meetings: Tuesday 5 pm

Environmental Health Coalition

Environmental Health Coalition is one of the oldest and most effective grassroots organizations in the United States, using social change strategies to achieve environmental justice.

Mission Statement: EHC is dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice. We believe that justice is accomplished by empowered communities acting together to make social change. We organize and advocate to protect public health and the environment threatened by toxic pollution. EHC supports broad efforts that create a just society which foster a healthy and sustainable quality of life.

Problem Statement: As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, San Diego's toxics problems are myriad, often compounded by its location on the U.S./Mexico border. Critical evidence of the San Diego/Tijuana region's pollution crisis includes:

Over 150 million pounds of toxic waste are generated each year by San Diego industries and over 3 million pounds of toxic pollutants are discharged annually into the air.

Communities of color such as Barrio Logan in San Diego, are most at risk. Studies indicate that toxic air emissions from just one facility creates a cancer risk 600 times above the accepted level for this community.

Contaminated sites have been discovered at 22 separate sites on North Island Coronado, a Naval installation.

San Diego bay is one of the most polluted harbors in the United States. A study released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration listed San Diego Bay as the second most toxic of 18 bays studied , second to Newark Bay, New Jersey. 56% of the Bay sediments are acutely toxic to marine organisms, while 74% of the area exhibited chronic toxicity. The most toxic sites were found along the shipbuilding and Navy facilities adjacent to Barrio Logan.

Tijuana has approximately 800 maquiladora industries, more than any other city along the U.S./Mexico border. The majority of these manufacturing industries are highly polluting such as furniture, plastics, metal, and electronics production.

Environmental Health Coalition: No on Proposition 23

Chicana/o Studies
Calendar of Action and Culture

Fall 2010

Sep 11, Saturday
No more education budget cuts!
San Diego Regional Summit
San Diego State University, 11 am
More info: Defend Education!

Sep 13, Monday
Day of Activism
11:10 am -12:35 pm and 12:45-2:10 pm
SD City College, Room A 213
More info: Activism

Sep 14, Tuesday
The Voices of a People's History
9:35 am 
SD City College, Saville Theater
More info: Peoples History

Sep15, Wednesday
Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Independence Struggle
Chicano Park, 5:30pm
More info: Raza Rights Coalition

Sep 16, Thursday
Globalization and War - The Aftermath
Chicano artist Malaquias Montoya
9:40-10:50 am
SD City College, Saville Theater

Sep 16, Thursday
Enrique Davalos
SD City College, Room A 213

Sep 16, Thursday
Confront Islamophobia
City College Diversity Committee
SD City College, Room A 216

Sep 20, Monday
Migration, Globalization and Fair Trade
Colective website
9:35 – 11 am
SD City College, Room A 213

Sep 21, Tuesday
Movie: 9500 Liberties
9:40 am-11 am
SD City College, Saville Theater

Sept. 29, Wednesday
Grammy nominee Perla Batalla
12:45 pm
SD City College, Room D121A/B

Sept. 29, Wednesday
Film: Hybrid Identities
Artistic Voices from the Border

Director: Laura Castañeda
Co-producers: Elizabeth Meehan and Antonio Jiménez
7-9 pm
SD City College, Room B103

Sep 30, Thursday
Justin Akers, Sharon Allen, Aníbal Yáñez
12:45-2:10 pm
SD City College, A121 Cafeteria

Oct 1 and 2, Friday and Saturday
Oct 1, Friday: 3-9 pm
Oct 2, Saturday: 8 am-9 pm
San Diego Mesa College

Oct 1 and 2, Friday and Saturday
@@ Friday @@
Author Luis Rodriguez and
Singer-songwriter Perla Batalla
7-9 pm
@@ Saturday @@
Forrest Hylton: Vanishing Acts
Kelly Mayhew: Mamas and Papas: On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting
Jim Miller: Flash
3-6:30 pm
SD City College, Saville Theater

Oct 2, Saturday
Gran Baile y Kermes Mixteco
More info: Kermes Mixteco
7-11:45 pm
World Beat Center

Oct 5, Tuesday
Come remember the 42nd anniversary of the massacre in Tlatelolco, Mexico City
Organized by M.E.Ch.A.
More info: 1968, Oct 2nd
11:30 am
Gorton Quad in front of the cafeteria
City College

Oct 6, Wednesday
Salvador Torres
Chicano Park History: Developing the Parkland and Murals
11:15 am
SD City College, Saville Theater

Oct 7, Thursday
Day of Action in Defense of Public Education – California
San Diego City College, 12:30 pm
Pantoja Park, Downtown San Diego: 5 pm
Learn about the event: Oct 7 Mobilize!

Oct 9, Wednesday
Border Justice Conference
Unitarian Universalists of the South Bay
More info: Border Justice Conference
11 am - 4 pm

Oct 12, Tuesday
Dia de la Raza
City College Gordon Quad
More info: Club de Español
12 - 3 pm

Oct 12, Tuesday
Film: An Unfinished Dream
A documentary about the lives of undocumented students
Presented by Club IDEAS
More info: An Unfinished Dream
4 pm
Room D 121A
San Diego City College

Oct 16, Saturday
Tijuana Maquiladora Tour
Information about the tour: TOUR
Tijuana, Baja California

Oct 16, Saturday
Rally in Barrio Logan
Stop the Dirty Energy Prop
More info: Rally Stop 23

Oct 19, Tuesday
Film Maquilapolis
Maquilapolis About the movie
9:40-11 am
Room D 121

Oct 21, Thursday
La Milpa Organica Farm
Barry Logan
11 am -2 pm
SD City College Urban Farm Seeds@City

Oct 25, Monday
Book Chicano San Diego
Richard Griswold del Castillo, Rita Sánchez,
 Isidro Ortíz and María Ibarra
12:45-2:10 pm
SD City College, A 213

Oct 28, Thursday
Film Screening of “El Muro” and a Post-Screening
Commentary with Film Maker Greg Rainoff
Thursday, October 28, 2010
7:00 PM at SDSU’s Little Theatre
More info and directions

Nov 2, Tuesday
Day of the Dead
12 altars, interactive games, info about this tradition
City College Language Department
City College Spanish Club

Room D 121A/B
12-4 pm

Nov 3, Wednesday
Work is not a crime: It is a right
Community Forum
American Friends Service Committee Office
3275 Market St #B
San Diego CA 92102
More info: Community Forum

Nov 5, Friday
Stop ICE Raids Now!
Alto a las Redadas
City Heights Park (next to Library)
Fairmont Ave and Wightman Street
5 pm
More info: Stop ICE Raids Now!

Nov 11, Thursday
Confronting Islamophobia Part II
11:10 am - 12:33 pm
Room D 121A and B

Nov 17, Wednesday
Immigration, Detention and Deportation
It does not make any sense!

Student and Community Gathering
12:45 - 2 pm
SD City College, Room A 213
More info: Gathering

Nov 18, Thursdday
Movie Milk
Club I.D.E.A.S. present
The history of Harvey Milk
San Diego City College
Room D 121A
4 pm
More info: Milk Presentation

Nov 20, Saturday
9 am -- 2 pm
The Big Clean Up
Logan Heights Beautification Project
More info: The Big Clean Up!

Nov 20, Saturday
Visions of Aztlan
The Story of an Mexican Art Movement
Centro Cultural de la Raza
6:30 pm
More info, directions: CC La Raza

November 29, Monday
Pro-DREAM Act event
Simultaneous Vigil Throughout the Country
Park Blvd. @ San Diego, 5:30 pm
More info: Dream Act Now!

November 30, Tuesday
Support policy to regulate recluiting
in San Diego Schools!

San Diego School District
More info: Regulate Recluting!

December 1, Wednesday
Binational Border Conference on Border Issues
San Diego City College
9 am - 3 pm
Room D 121A
More info: Binational Conference

Dec 2, Thursday, 7 pm
A documentary about the Zapatistas
San Diego State University
West Commons 220: Map

More info: Viva Mexico!

Dec 12, Sunday, 3 pm
Pilgrimage for Justice
Peregrinación por Justicia
No Deportations!
No  Poli-Migra!
More info: Peregrinación