Pass the Policy to Regulate Recruiting in San Diego Schools!

Pass the policy!

Pass the Policy to Regulate Recruiting in San Diego Schools!

¡Aprueben el reglamento que regule el reclutamiento en
las escuelas de San Diego!

The policy to regulate recruiting activities in San Diego schools is on the Nov. 30 school board agenda.

This landmark achievement is within reach (see staff recommendation below), but we don't know how much organized opposition there will be from the military and its supporters in the district. We therefore need to mobilize a large attendance on Nov. 30 to push for approval. (See attached document for Spanish/English fliers.)

We need speakers, particularly students, parents and individuals who work with youth groups or early college outreach programs. If you can speak (2-3 minutes per person), please get in touch with us ASAP.

Also, if you can help drive students to the meeting and/or home afterwards, please let us know how many you can transport (contact Stephanie,, cell 619-507-4411). Pick-up points are generally at their schools around 4-4:30 PM.

Even if you won't be speaking or driving students, your presence itself will have a big impact!

Our agenda item is #G.1. and will probably come up around 6:30 PM, depending on how quickly the board moves through preceding items. Please arrive early to make sure you get a seat. If possible arrive when the meeting begins at 5:00 PM.

Education Not Arms Coalition

Board meeting location: Auditorium, 4100 Normal St., San Diego
Agenda Item Details:
Nov 30, 2010 - Regular Meeting, 5:00 P.M.
G. Operational Matters Reserved for the Board
1. Policy on Campus Recruiting Activities in San Diego Unified School District Schools (de Beck); BUDGETED: N/A (OE-2; OE-3)
[STAFF] RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Recruiter Access Policy.




BACKGROUND: At the November 9, 2010 board meeting, Board Member John de Beck proposed a new policy regarding recruitment activities in San Diego Unified schools. The proposed policy statement was agendized as a first reading and information only. Staff has reviewed the policy and has determined that this policy fulfills the stated objectives of ensuring that district students have balanced access to information about the range of education and career options available to them and enhances the ability of parents and legal guardians to make affirmative choices regarding the release of confidential student information. Specifically, this policy directs that recruiters offering student information on careers and post-secondary educational opportunities have equal access to students as compared to that of military recruiters; and restricts all recruiting organizations to no more than two site visits per year. Additionally, schools which allow administration of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) must select ASVAB release option 8, which prohibits the automatic release of student information to local recruiters. Election of option 8 permits school counselors and students to make use of the aptitude data; and does not limit the student's ability to use their ASVAB scores if they elect to explore military enlistment.

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