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Dear Colleagues,

The political winds shift quickly. Department chairs have heard from our
Deans and the Provost that the CSU has just received some extra ARRA money
and the Chancellor's office has told SDSU that they would like for us to
increase our enrollments for this coming SPRING 2011 by 1,400 FTES. SDSU
is therefore currently eager for applications from transfer students for
(because Fall 2011 applications are beginning to be accepted October 1).
This is a very small window of opportunity. Depending on the result of the
state elections and therefore the budget, it is quite possible that the
CSU will be back to reducing enrollments for Fall 2011. Please tell
community college counselors, students, and the community that the time to
apply is NOW. Even if students are still missing one or two courses, they
should apply now rather than wait as their chance of getting in is much
higher now than it will be in the fall. Of course the criteria for
admissions remain the same (eligibility index, etc.). Local-area transfer
students will be given priority, then it will be opened up to state-wide
transfer applicants.

Please share this information widely. Thank you,

Anne Donadey
Professor and Chair of European Studies
Program Director in French
Professor of Women's Studies

San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7704
Phone (619) 594-0815 Fax (619) 594-8006

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