Documentary SUNNU: June 30, 2017


Un documental sobre el corazón de México
A film about Mexico´s heart

June 30th, 6 pm

Bread and Salt
1955 Julian Ave
San Diego, CA 92113

Documental sobre la situación actual del campo mexicano vista a través de los productores de maíz. El maíz está siendo amenazado en su raíz y origen y no sobrevivirá si no sobreviven los pueblos campesinos que lo cultivan.

The situation of Mexican agriculture from the corn producers´ perspective. The corn is under attack in its roots and origin and will not survive if the peasants who plant it do not survive.

Entrada libre / Free admission
Se aceptan donaciones / Donations accepted
Venta de comida / Food for sale

Los fondos recaudados servirán para organizar los eventos del 26 de Septiembre: A 3 años de Ayotzi

Obtained funds will help to organize the events on Sept 26: Three years of Ayotzinapa

Organizan / Sponsored by:

TAINH, CLCS, LOFA, Raíces sin Fronteras

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Chicano/a Studies 135 Summer 2017

Open Class for Summer 2017 
Chicana/o Studies Department 
San Diego City College 

Chicano/a Studies 135 
CRN # 53941 
T/TH 7:40- 10:50 am 
Profe Norell Martinez 

This course fulfills the requirements to obtain an Associate Degree Credit
(Area 3B: Humanities) and transfer to CSU and UC systems. 

CHIC 135- Themes of Cultural Resistance in Chicana/o Literature 
An interdisciplinary approach to examine the rich history of Chicana/o literature: novel, short story, poetry, drama, children’s literature and critical essay, alongside films, visual art and other forms of cultural production. The course explores the ways in which mexicana/os living in the U.S. resist against oppression, racism and other forms of marginalization and, simultaneously, the healing power of creative expression, drawing from the Nahuatl belief on xochitl in cuicatl (flower & song), or the act of art-making, poetry, and communicating our truths.