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Chicano Studies Scholarship
2011-2012 Application

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The Chicano Studies Department at City College was created in 1969. Throughout the years, we have seen students from all walks of life; all of them with different goals, but most of them maintaining two common denominators: motivation and low incomes. These students are the inspiration for this scholarship.

Important Information:
Number of Awards: 1
Amount of each award: $250.00


a) Must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien
b) Must have completed 9 units in the Chicano Studies
c) Must enrolled full-time (12 units) at City College in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012
d) Must have a 2.8 GPA or higher
e) Essay: Must submit a two-page typed, double-spaced autobiography with emphasis on future goals
f) Must show involvement in Chicano/Latino activities on or off campus

SCHOLARSHIP WILL BE ADVERTISED: September 8, 2011 to December 8, 2011


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Return completed application and all necessary materials to: Office of Student Affairs (D-106)

AWARD DATE: April 28, 2012, at the Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation.
Attendance is required for release of scholarship funds. Non-Attendance will, in most cases, result in forfeiture of scholarship award.SAN DIEGO CITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION

A Little History: List of scholarships

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