San Diego Latino Film Festival

The Media Arts Center promotes access to film and video as tools for community self-expression, social change and supports the professional development of media artists; they endorse the inclusion of underrepresented communities in the media arts field and the portrayal of accurate images of these communities by main stream media.

Students at City College will benefit from attending any of our films that capture the process of human communication that are interpreted through the political, cultural, economic, and social dimensions within each film. Your students can expand their knowledge with this advantageous experience, and even have a short paper or extra credit assigned to help their grade!

Some film titles, and dates are listed below:

0.56% - ¿QUÉ LE PASÓ A MÉXICO?-In the summer of 2006, dozens of Mexican politicians famously ripped into one another during a parliamentary session. The event was the culmination of an exceptionally tumultuous presidential election campaign that pitted controversial candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador against the representative from the party in power, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. This incisive documentary begins with those moments of utter chaos before going back in time to analyze the events that led up to this explosive protest. Click here to view more information of film and to purchase tickets online

BOLETO AL PARAISO- It’s Cuba circa 1993 and a severe economic crisis rages. Without warning, Eunice (Miriel Cejas) decides to run away from her small town and sexually aggressive father. On the road she joins up with a group of homeless teens hitchhiking to Havana. Eunice feels an instant connection to charismatic ringleader Alejandro (Francisco Garcia Gonzalez), but her damaged past and his preoccupation with his dead-end existence stand in the way. Desperate, with no opportunities to improve their lives, the two consider taking extreme measures to reach an unlikely paradise. Gerardo Chijona’s drama premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Will screen in Narrative Competition. Click here to view more information of film and to purchase tickets online

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