Yo Soy 132 Mexico--Academic Workshop: Sep 26


What is the student movement Yo Soy 132?
What is going on in Mexico?
Democracy in México: is this a bad joke?

September 26 at 11 am

Building A, Room A213
San Diego City College
(Classroom is located in the same building
as the cafeteria, on the third and last floor)

Electoral Fraud and the movement # Yo Soy 132


 Beginnings of #YoSoy132
 Experiences of #YoSoy132 in Baja California
 Electoral Fraud in Mexico: Spaces for Action
 Transnational Civil Society

Learn more about Yo Soy 132

Website (in Spanish): Yosoy132media.org

Video about Yo Soy 132 (With English subtitles)

“This is not the generation of silent complicity.”

If we don't gleam together who will illuminate this darkness?"
 “For an authentic democracy”

Yo Soy 132 San Diego

Facebook: YoSoy132SanDiego


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