Beyond the Border: Oct 16

Beyond the Border, follows the immigrant experience with Marcelo Ayala, who leaves his family on a risky journey to the United States and examines immigration’s effect on family in Marcelo’s home town of Michoacan, Mexico.
Tuesday, October 16, 12:45 p.m.
Room D 121 A/B

After the film we’ll have a discussion with filmmaker Eren Isabel McGinnis, the co-founder of the feminist filmmaking company Café Sister Productions and producer of 19 movies including POV’s Tobacco Blues, The Girl Next Door (shortlisted for an Oscar!), The Spirituals, Dos Vatos-México, and Precious Knowledge. McGinnis received the NALIP 2012 Documentary Filmmaker of the Year award. She has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from San Diego State University, and a certificate in Film and Video Theory and Production from the University College Dublin, in Ireland. A Fulbright scholar, she spent a year of living, writing, and filmmaking in Juchitán, México.


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