Hilton Mission Valley Workers

Over 600 people have sent a message to Tarsadia Investment executives, the soon-to-be new owners of the HEI-owned and managed Hilton Mission Valley, by signing a petition demanding that Tarsadia retain workers at the hotel. The struggle for job security escalated last week when  over 250 workers and community supporters demonstrated at the hotel. Twenty workers and supporters were arrested for engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience, demanding that HEI refuse to sell the hotel without a promise from Tarsadia that it will keep the current workforce.

Please sign and urge at least 5 more friends to sign onto the petition. March 21, the day Tarsadia takes over, is rapidly approaching. We need to continue increasing the volume of our message: More layoffs are bad for our neighborhoods, bad for San Diego and bad for California. Thank you!
In solidarity,
Research Analyst
33 Harrison Ave., 4th floor
Boston, MA 02111
C: 707-695-2364
F: 617-426-7684

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  1. Deport them! 15 years working with someone else's social security #. enough is enough! how much longer do they want to get away with breaking laws?