Migra vs. Workers Rights- April 5

Hotel Hilton Mission Valley uses use the Migra to
Repress Workers´ Organization.
Support the workers!
Wall of Hope, Friday, April 5, 5 pm
Collective Vigil, Monday, April 8, 7 pm
901 Camino Del Rio South at the Hilton Mission Valley
City Council Meeting, Monday, April 8, 2 pm
Downtown San Diego

A month ago, the new owners of the Hilton Mission Valley announced they will retain all the workers. The managers said all workers would be laid off. This decision would mean that more than 100 San Diego families would be thrown into unemployment.
Thanks to the solidarity of over 700 individuals who sent Tarsadia executives emails urging them to retain all Hilton Mission Valley workers, the managers gave up. More than a 100 people showed their support in person in at sit-in at the hotel.
However, in retaliation, the Hotel used the Migra and fired 20 workers. The managers used the E-Verify supposedly to check the status of the workers.  
The E-verify program is voluntary for employers, and, with very limited exceptions, is not intended to be used with existing employees. It is only for newly hired employees. Immigrants make up the majority of the work force at the hotel. Some of them have worked at the hotel for over 20 years. The workers already had their documents reviewed at Hilton Mission Valley by HEI Hotels when they were hired. Requiring employees who have worked at the Hilton Mission Valley for years to go through this process is inherently unfair to the workers at the hotel who should not have to prove anything to continue in their jobs.


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