Tlatelolco, Verano del 68: Nov 29 - Dec 5

Tlatelolco, Verano del ‘68
(México, 103 min., 2013, Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Two young individuals from different walks of life fall in love during their involvement in a student movement against Mexico’s authoritarian rule in 1968.
Director: Carlos Bolado

Digital Gym Cinema
Nov 29 to Dec 5 6:00 p.m.
2921 El Cajon Blvd.North Park, 92104


 Cast: Cassandra Ciangherotti, Christian Vásquez

Synopsis: An across-the-tracks love story, well-off girl and a working class boy, set against Mexico’s Tiananmen: the 1968 student protests and strikes that climaxed in the Tlatelolco Square massacre of students by security forces. The number of deaths was covered up by Mexico’s PRI ruling government, which hosted the Olympic Games 10 days later.

 Trailer: Youtube

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