CSUSM Admissions for Spring 2016

From: Renee Kilmer
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 2:13 PM
To: DL for City Faculty (contract); DL for City Faculty (adjunct)
Cc: Lori Erreca; Minou Djawdan Spradley; Randy Barnes; Rose LaMuraglia; Robbi Ewell; Trudy Gerald; Jeanie Tyler; Marilyn Harvey; Bernice Lorenzo; Denise S. Whisenhunt
Subject: Please announce to your classes: Important News Regarding CSUSM Admissions for Spring 2016


CSU San Marcos has decided to accept 200 applicants from our region (San Diego and Imperial Counties) for a spring 2016. If you are teaching a transfer-level class, this might be good information for some students in your class who have sufficient credits to transfer. Please make the following announcement (read the script below) to your class as soon as possible since this is time-sensitive.


200 applicants from the San Diego and Imperial Valley areas will be admitted at CSU San Marcos for spring 2016. If students are eligible and interested in applying, they must apply immediately. CSU Mentor opened yesterday and will close once 400 students have applied.


1. 60 CSU transferable units and golden 4* completed by summer 2015, but they will consider fall 2015 completion on a case by case basis. [*Golden 4 = Written Communication (English composition), critical thinking, Oral Communication, and Math. See page 118 of the current catalog for list of courses.

2. Minimum GPA requirements

How to apply:

1. Log in to www.csumentor.edu and select spring 2016 application.

2. Dates/deadlines to send transcripts and intent to enroll are in the process of being decided by CSUSM.

If you are uncertain about whether you meet the requirements, you should go to the Transfer Career Center in Rm A-111, or call (619) 388-3721.

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