Southern California Native Voices: March 21

Southern California Native Voices 
Learn about the Kumeyaay and Kúupangaxwichem Cultures 
Presenters: Stan Rodriguez and Paul Miranda

Monday March 21, 2016 
12:45 PM-2:10 PM 
San Diego City College 
Room Math and Social Sciences MS 462 

Stan Rodriguez (Lipay Nation of Santa Ysabel) Rodriguez is an advocate, advisor, and Educator of Kumeyaay culture and language. He is a Kumeyaay Language speaker, a bird signer, a navy veteran, and a graduate student at UCSD. He is a board member of Kumeyaay Community College and was the KPBS’s American Indian Heritage Month 2015 Honoree. 

Paul Miranda (Pala Band of Mission Indians) Miranda is Cupeño and Cahuilla. His mother is from the Saubel clan, and his father from the people who live by the little river. Paul graduate from UC Riverside in 2005 with a Bachelors of Art in Native American Studies. In his 30 years of life Miranda has learned his native language, his people’s history, hundreds of traditional bird songs, and many other aspects of his native culture. In his free time Miranda is an avid musician and ethnographer. 

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