May Day: May 1st, 2017

May Day 


On Steps of B Building facing Park Blvd.
San Diego City College
  • 8:30: Gather at B Building
  • 9:00: Greeting and Music by La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlan
  • 9:05: Jim Miller, Professor, English and Labor Studies: May Day History and how it is relevant to current threats to labor and democracy in the Trump Era.
  • 9:15 Rosi Escamilla, Professor, English and Chicano Studies: Lucy Parson’s speech and how it speaks to the present
  • 9:25: Justin Akers-Chacon, Professor, Chicano Studies: May Day and the History of Immigrants’ Rights Struggles
  • 9:35: Enrique Davalos, Professor, Chicano Studies: How Communities are Resisting the Current Assault on Immigration Rights
  • 9:45: Doc Rivera, EOPS Counselor and Personal Growth Professor: Students as Workers and Activists (Music)
  • 10:00: Masahiro Omae, Professor, Political Science: Economic Inequality and Its Effects on Policy and Democracy
  • 10:10 Alejandra Lucero-Canaan, Professor, English and Yaneth Escobosa, City College Alum, Honors Staff: How the Material Consequences of Economic Inequality Intersect with Race and Gender
  • 10:20: Laila Aziz, Board Member, Pillars of the Community, Director of Operations, Metro San Diego: The Prison Industrial Complex as One of the Wages of Economic Inequality
  • 10:30: Kelly Mayhew, Professor, English, Labor Studies Program Coordinator: How Economic Inequality Intersects with Climate Justice
  • 10:40: Gerald Vanderpot, City College Classified Staff: The Existential Threat to Public Education
  • 10:50: Christy Ball, Professor, English: Students and Adjuncts as Disposable People in the Trump Era
  • 11:00: Music by La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlan before student march and speak out.


11:15 Student March around campus:
Sign making at B Building for people arriving from elsewhere

Student performances, music, and Speak Out

1:00 Rally at City College (Building B)- AFT, Student, and Community Speakers; music

2:00 March from City College to Federal Building

3:00 Protest in the Federal Building

4:00: March from the Federal Building to Chicano Park

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