National Day of Action: May 15

May 15, 2014
Minimum Wage: $15
National Day of Action

May 15 is the day where it is focused on fighting for 15! This amazing
organization has planned detail to detail and are very well organized.

The schedule for May 15 is as follows:
Total of Four Stops:

1. 6 am: Burger King
3666 Market St (In front of Costco)

2. 8:30 am: Burger King
4144 University Ave

3. 10:30 am: Wendys
2825 El Cajon blvd

4. 12 pm: Burger King
6401 Balboa Ave

Also, organizers will be renting vans and what not and pick students up at
City early in the morning before 6 am.

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