April 20: Bring Justice Home

New Eye Witness Video of Beating and Tasing of Anastasio Rojas Emerges

April 20
8:30 pm
Program "Need to Know" 
KPBS TV San Diego
Channel 15 or 11 
More than six million people living on the U.S. side of the southern border call this region home. Millions more cross back and forth every day to shop, visit family and do business that fuels our economy. The U.S.-Mexico Border is a vibrant, diverse and unique region.

In the midst of our border communities, the largest law-enforcement agency in the country, the U.S. Border Patrol, operates with virtual impunity. Southern border communities have insisted that the U.S. Border Patrol cannot act above the law.

Since 2010 Border Patrol agents have killed at least seven members of border communities and several others have been seriously injured. The Border Patrol has taken no known action against any of the agents involved. There also has been no investigation made public that will help families understand why their loved ones were killed or injured.

On Friday, April 20th PBS’s Need to Know Program will air a half hour segment that will expose the excessive use of deadly force that has become routine for the Border Patrol.


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