April 28: Tu'un davi / Español / English : Language Exchange at Cognate Space

Mujeres Mixtecas, CAFE and Cog*nate collective invite you to share in a night of exchange! Mujeres Mixtecas, a female Mixtec sewing co-op will share their language and culture as they will unveil a sewn mural created in collaboration with cog*nate collective, and give a short talk on their history and culture. The event is a way of inciting dialogue between the various ethnic and economic groups at the border.
Saturday April 28
11am - 4pm

There will be music and the co-op will prepare a Mixtec meal for everyone. $7 donation suggested for lunch. Our hope is that each of us will teach a bit of our own language(s) as we learn a bit more Mixtec, Spanish, or English through conversation and social exchange.

Located between the northbound lanes of traffic at the Mercado de Artesanias, Linea in the San Ysidro Port of Entry, Cog*nate Space/Espacio Cognado has hosted various arts and cultural events since its inception last year.

Directions to Cog*nate Space:
The space is located at the foot of the pedestrian bridge on the Mexican side of the border on the median between border car lanes.

From the US:
Crossing the border on foot, continue straight through the turnstiles. There will be a set of turnstiles to your right, DO NOT GO RIGHT. Instead, continue straight ahead until you cross a set of turnstiles that will lead you to "La Concha," a silvery shell-like building that will be on your left. Walk past the building toward the taxis, which should be in front of you. Before reaching the taxis make a left onto a footbridge that will take you to the port of entry. Cross the bridge and walk down at the first exit point as you walk east on the bridge. The market is the set of red stalls on your right.

From Mexico:
Go to the San Ysidro port of Entry and take the pedestrian bridge that goes over the cars west. Exit the bridge before you get to "La Concha". The market is the set of red stalls on your left.
For more information about cog*nate collective's collaboration with Mujeres Mixtecas visit:http://cognatecollective.tumblr.com/

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