CAFE City College

CAFE: Creating Alternatives and Fair Enterprise

City College CAFÉ is a campus club that advocates for human rights, fair trade and alternative economies. We realize that policies of so called “free trade” increase exploitation, violence and pollution. Free trade policies also force millions to abandon home and migrate.

City College current activities:

(1) Fair Trade Coffee: all the coffee that is sold in our campus cafeterias MUST be certified fair trade coffee.

(2) Educate against maquiladoras: Tijuana has near 1,000 maquiladoras that ruin the people and the land. We support the organizations of Tijuana workers and communities that fight against the maquiladoras.

(3) Migration is a human right: We support the activities of IDEAS and other clubs and organizations defending the rights of undocumented workers and students.

CAFÉ meetings
Fridays 2:30-4 pm in room R 112

More information
Carolina Moreno:
(619) 755-4964


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