Globalization and War: The Aftermath

Works by Master Chicano Artist Malaquias Montoya
Jan. 20-March 4, 2011 at the Centro Cultural de la Raza

Globalization and War: The Aftermath, a series of radical oil paintings and print by master Chicano artist Malaquias Montoya will be showing at the Centro Cultural de la Raza from January 20 through March 4, 2011.

This powerful collection of work draws attention to the moral and political tragedies of war and the effects of displacement stimulated by globalization. In his art, Montoya links images of torture and war together, by portraying the pain and anguish experienced by the victims of these atrocities. He exposes the harsh realities of immigration policies on migrant labors, making connections between US foreign policies in other developing countries. He reveals that even in the face of psychological and physical trauma there is a perseverance of spirit to fight for a better life and work together to deflect the effects of cultural and political imperialism. In Montoya’s own words these “images are intended to confront the multitude of socially disengaging and crippling images given to us by our daily media, images that disguise reality, manipulate consciousness, and lull the creative imagination to sleep.” Montoya intentionally stirs up the viewers’ feelings, calling them to take sides in a very personal way.

Often labeled “art of protest,” Montoya’s work, driven by his interest in social justice, vividly exposes assaults on human rights. For years Montoya has explored international topics including the death penalty, immigration, the Zapatista movement, Palestine and others. He is credited by historians as one of the founders of the social serigraphy movement in the Bay Area in the mid-60s.

Centro Cultural de la Raza
2004 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 235-6135
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sun 12-4pm

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