San Diego School Board Rally to Fight Layoffs

When: Thursday, March 10 - 4:15 p.m.
Where: SDUSD Ed. Center - 4100 Normal St.

On March 10 the Board will vote on issuing 910 layoff notices. This number includes literally the entire state preschool program as well as 20 elementary schools worth of elementary teachers, two high schools worth of secondary teachers and a reduction of nursing, counseling and other support services to abysmal levels.

Layoffs are always devastating to our schools and our membership. But
this year the threat of layoffs poses a greater threat to all of us, not
just our least senior members. A recent lawsuit in Los Angeles has
prohibited LAUSD from issuing layoffs based solely on seniority. Already
groups in San Diego have begun contemplating a similar suit, while
California State Senator Bob Huff has introduced legislation that would
render layoffs based on seniority illegal. If successful, either would
gut seniority protections out of our contract.

Fighting layoffs right now is not only the right thing to do to protect
our students and our jobs, it is crucial in order to protect our core
contractual union rights!

The way we can successfully fight back is to fight together. More than
400 teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians packed the Board meeting
on Feb. 22 for the first reading of the Particular Kinds of Services
(PKS) layoff list to urge the Board to seek real alternatives to laying
off front line educators. We need to triple those numbers for the March
10 vote. Wear red and bring a friend! If we are going to protect our
jobs, our classrooms, and our union contract, the Board must hear all of
our voices speaking together saying NO LAYOFFS.


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